October 31, 2012

thrift store dress refashion

Not too long ago I came across this dress at a thrift store. While I liked the fabric and ruffle at the bottom, I wasn't very smitten with the top (the over-sized bust did not help) ... so I decided to chop that part off. K ... I did not really just haphazardly chop it in half. Let me explain ...

First I unpicked the seam at the waist that once connected the top and bottom of the dress together. I wanted my finished skirt to have an elastic waistband so I followed this DIY tutorial by Make It and Love It. This tutorial was ridiculously easy ... especially for a beginner like me ... so easy in fact that I now have an overwhelming desire to make a crapload of skirts. ;)

Ta da! Here's what it looked like after I finished.

 I love that I can easily dress this skirt up or down ... and that it's sooo comfortable.

Outfit Details:
• Shirt: Downeast (clearance a few years back)
• Jacket: Old Navy (lots of years back ... I've had it forever)
• Elephant Necklace: Kohl's
• Belt: Rue 21
• Skirt: Thrifted + Refashioned
• Boots: Kohl's

Hooray for cute ruffles!

If you love checking out refashioned thrifts then be sure to visit Melissa Esplin's blog for tons of inspiration. That girl knocks my socks off. :)

{images: Little Paper Dog}

October 29, 2012

vintage blankets on etsy

Last week it snowed for the first time this season—I've been freezing ever since. ;)

top: Serape Saddle Woven Mexican Native Blanket — Cast and Crew
bottom left: Blue Mexican Blanket — Box of Hollyhocks
bottom right: Trapper Point Blanket in the style of Hudson's Bay —The Heritage Alliance

 top left: Wool Blanket — Pretty Colorful Vintage
top right: Neon Chevron Knit Afghan — The Forgotten
middle left: Faribo Yellow Black Red Tartan Plaid Blanket — The Prepster
middle right: Vintage Purple Mexican Blanket — Sea of Turnips
bottom left: Green Chevron Knit Afghan — The White Pepper
bottom right: Daisy Chain Blanket — Those Vintage Dreams

October 26, 2012

DIY rockets

My little guy loves to create and explore. I'm constantly trying to find ways to keep my busy guy ... busy. Every Friday I'll be sharing projects or activities that we did during the week.


 image: Little Paper Dog

This week we made cardboard tube space ships since my little guy is obsessed with all things outer space these days. We followed this tutorial by my pal Martha. Is it just me or does anyone else hoard paper towel rolls for future projects? It seems like we use them ALL the time.

Below are a few more project ideas that I'll be sure to keep up my sleeve.

 top left: Heart of Gold Rocket Ship Pinata - Oh My! Handmade Goodness
top right: Buzz's Rocket Globes - Disney Family / Miranda Becker
bottom left: Rocket Ship Cake - Parenting
bottom right: Jet Pack - PBS Parents / Natalie Shaw of Doodle Craft

October 25, 2012

last minute halloween decorating on a $0.00 budget

I you follow me on Facebook then you probably already know that I had a new project in the works. :)

Remember when I spruced up the front porch for Summer? Well, I decided to do some last minute Halloween decorating too. Since October is almost over I kept it pretty simple and used things that I already had around the house. Want to know how I did it? Here we go ...

Red Chair: Target clearance (a couple years back).

Outdoor Pillow: Target clearance (a couple years back). I sewed some scrap ribbons to the back of the pillow and then tied them to the chair so it could not escape if a strong wind came around.

Skull Garland: I downloaded this fantastic free printable skull template from Hello!Lucky and strung them together with some extra string I stole from my little guys kite. (Don't worry ... he still has plenty left over and then some to fly his kite.)

Pumpkins: From my mom's garden. Thanks again mom. :)
White paint: Left over from another project.

Ta-da! Quick, easy and it cost me $0.00 total. My husband will be so proud. ;)

{images: Little Paper Dog}

October 24, 2012

latest thrifting finds

"Gee, all my finds look really cute together!" That's exactly what I said to myself at the end of my last thrifting trip. Am I the only one who has ever thought about how nice their items look side by side in their cart as they excitedly head to the register? Well, I totally nerded out this time ... but can you blame me? Blue, white and gold ... yum!

Wire Basket
I love me some wire baskets for my crazy obsessive organizational needs. ;)

Brass Deer
These have already won a spot in my little guys heart. He has lovingly named them (both) Bambi and occasionally tries to feed them scraps of paper. As for me they are just further proof that I love gold.

Table Runner
I was super excited to use this beauty and immediately threw it in the wash when I got home. I'm wild about the colors and pattern ... my husband might need a little more convincing. "Are we starting to decorate western now?" Giggles. :)

I grew up listing to my dad's Moody Blues CD's and watching their concerts with him on PBS. $0.25 ... yes please!

What treasures have you brought home lately?

{images: Little Paper Dog}

October 21, 2012

nate berkus for target collection

It's here! As of today the Nate Berkus Collection is now available at Target. Are you ready to view some gorgeous patterns, colors and textures?

top left and bottom left: Aztec Diamond Bath Rug
bottom right: Black Ecru Frame

Click here to view the entire drool worthy collection of home goods and accessories.

{images: Target - Nate Berkus}

October 19, 2012

mess free finger painting

My little guy loves to create and explore. I'm constantly trying to find ways to keep my busy guy ... busy. Every Friday I'll be sharing projects or activities that we did during the week.

KID FRIENDLY FRIDAY: Mess Free Finger Painting

I originally found this awesome idea here on No One Has More Fun Than The Adam's. For this project simply put paint into a ziplock bag, tape it to a window and then use your fingers to squish the paint around. That's it!

I love that this project is both fun and educational (color mixing) ... and super easy to clean up too.

We ended up leaving it out for an entire week because my little guy kept drawing on it here and there throughout each day.

PS: Has anyone else noticed that my son has worn this shirt in almost every Kid Friendly Friday post. I swear he does not wear it all the time but it's pretty obvious that it's his favorite. BTW I found it thrifting .... yep I think we've got our money's worth out of that $2 find. ;)

{images: Little Paper Dog}