August 31, 2012

doodle on the moon

My little guy loves to create and explore. I'm constantly trying to find ways to keep my busy guy ... busy. Every Friday I'll be sharing projects or activities that we did during the week.


{Little Paper Dog}

My Little guy is in L-O-V-E with the moon ... like he realllllly loves it. He checks on it every morning when he wakes up and every night when he goes to bed.  When I came across this HUGE printable moon by Mr. Printables I was ... well, over the moon ;)

 {Little Paper Dog}

This free multiple page PDF download is super easy to print and put together—I love easy projects that are lots of fun too. Check out the totally awesome moon buggy we drew together—Flippin sweet ;)

 {Little Paper Dog}

A big thanks to Mr. Printables for such a fun project. I knew it was a hit when my kiddo said "You're the bestest mom ever in the whole world." Giggles ... he cracks me up. :)

Yesterday we went to a professional kite flyer demonstration. So much fun! When we got home my little guy practiced flying his Spider-man kite ALL afternoon. That evening while my husband was working in the yard the kite took a quick unexpected nose dive right into the path of the weed eater—chunks of kite flew everywhere. (FYI: although this was pretty traumatic for my little 4year old it was a pretty hilarious sight ... so hard not to laugh ... ok, I might have a little.)  First thing on the agenda this morning was to buy him a new one. :) We found this one at the Dollar Tree. It came in a two pack with a red race car kite. Score!

 {Little Paper Dog}

August 28, 2012

thrifting: even more metal

Yep ... that's right, I'm officially obsessed with metal objects ;) The truth is that when I go thrifting I'm always on the lookout for great containers, etc. that can be used for organization.

{Little Paper Dog}

I found these two great pants hangers that I plan on using to hang artwork. Total score! The metal bookends are being used in my sons room to keep his books in order.

{Little Paper Dog}

The smaller metal containers are great for holding pencils and other object that I use on a regular basis. The three larger containers (2 silver and 1 blue) I'm using outside to fancy up my porch of my home. I'll have pictures of that to share with you soon :) Until then, happy hunting!

August 14, 2012

rolo brownie trifles

Oh my goodness ... I'm pretty sure this is what Heaven is like. :)

{Found via Pinterest — Rolo Brownie Trifles: Bakingdom}

August 2, 2012

necklace refashion tutorial

Any mother of young children know that necklaces (or any jewelry for that matter) have no chance against those grabby little fingers. This was the fate of one of my necklaces this past week —just one two many tugs and she was a goner. Since the necklace was a gift from my sister and I was really sad to see its sudden death, instead of throwing my hands up in total  frustration and throwing it away I decided to reuse the pieces to make a completely new necklace. Here's what I did:

• broken necklace ;(
• new necklace chain
• needlenose pliers

1) First I took the necklace apart and salvaged the pieces I want to use keeping the jump rings attached. (I also saved the clasp and white beads for future projects.)

2) I then used my pliers to attach the jump rings together.

Ta Da! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

 Now I just have to fix the all the other broken necklaces I have stashed in my closet. ;)