April 30, 2012

DIY leather bracelets

I've added these super cute bracelet tutorials to my Pinterest DIY Projects board — I can't wait to try them out! Check out my Pinterest page for lots more DIY projects and design inspiration.

BTW I've update the look of my blog so if your reading this through a reader be sure to stop by my blog and check out my fancy schmancy new look. :)

Top: Leaf Cuff by — Maya*Made, Bottom: Box Braid Bangles — Sketch 42

Top: Summer Bracelets — Between The Lines, Bottom: Braided Leather Bracelet — Rings & Things

April 6, 2012


I thought I would give you a peek into my last trip to the treasure thrift store. Although I found lots of great finds I was a good girl and brought only three things home ... all of which totaled less than $5 might I add. (That last part was for my husband who is reading this post and wondering about how much money his wife spent on "other peoples old stuff" this time ... tee hee.)

So ... this chevron afghan is in AMAZING perfect condition ... I watched it like a hawk until the lady standing in front of it decided to move over and look at some really ugly pillows with geese on them. It washed up lovely and I'm thinking it will look fantastic on the end of my bed when I get a new white comforter for my birthday. BTW ... I have been counting down my birthday for the last two months... I am really excited to see my name written on a cake ;)

I also picked up a couple cheerful plates for my mismatched floral plate collection which I will be displaying in my china hutch next to some of their distant relatives.

Check out these sweet chairs ... they were in mint condition... not a tear in sight. I think they were only $8 each.

Here is a close up of the floral print. Love!