February 21, 2012

creative projects for kids

Sitting down and quietly coloring with crayons is not something my little boy often likes to do. So with that in mind I've been searching Pinterest for some fun and creative ways to keep my little guy entertained. Oh my ... am I'm crazy excited about all the fantastic projects that have come my way.

I love this idea Sarah Montes shared on Glamor & Grace ... so I used her technique and applied it to something my son would enjoy doing ... crayons are a lot more exciting when there are "secret messages" involved don't you think?

• paper
• watercolor paint
• brushes
• white crayon

For this project
• I drew some hearts on a piece of paper with a white crayon and told him that there was a secret message hidden on the paper.
• Using watercolors he painted over the message to discover what it was. "Look mama lots of hearts!" He loved it :)

Look how great it turned out! (see image below) I cant wait to try out more of my Pinterest Finds.

This one made me giggle ... it reminds me of my little paper dog I made when I was a kid. (Check out the sidebar of my blog to see what I'm referring to.)

February 7, 2012


Not too long ago I set up my very own Pinterest account. Hooray! Oh my goodness, I am so addicted ... its easy to get sucked in there! And since we are on the subject of "sucking in" below are some party straws (insert lame joke giggling here) I pinned. Tee hee ... you silly mustaches ... you crack me up :)

Mustache Straws (found on Pinterest via Jodi Sawyer)

Washi Tape Party Straws by Craft & Creativity (via Craft)

Ribbon & Lace Mason Jar Cups by I heart Nap Time (found via Pinterest)