October 31, 2012

thrift store dress refashion

Not too long ago I came across this dress at a thrift store. While I liked the fabric and ruffle at the bottom, I wasn't very smitten with the top (the over-sized bust did not help) ... so I decided to chop that part off. K ... I did not really just haphazardly chop it in half. Let me explain ...

First I unpicked the seam at the waist that once connected the top and bottom of the dress together. I wanted my finished skirt to have an elastic waistband so I followed this DIY tutorial by Make It and Love It. This tutorial was ridiculously easy ... especially for a beginner like me ... so easy in fact that I now have an overwhelming desire to make a crapload of skirts. ;)

Ta da! Here's what it looked like after I finished.

 I love that I can easily dress this skirt up or down ... and that it's sooo comfortable.

Outfit Details:
• Shirt: Downeast (clearance a few years back)
• Jacket: Old Navy (lots of years back ... I've had it forever)
• Elephant Necklace: Kohl's
• Belt: Rue 21
• Skirt: Thrifted + Refashioned
• Boots: Kohl's

Hooray for cute ruffles!

If you love checking out refashioned thrifts then be sure to visit Melissa Esplin's blog for tons of inspiration. That girl knocks my socks off. :)

{images: Little Paper Dog}

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