October 24, 2012

latest thrifting finds

"Gee, all my finds look really cute together!" That's exactly what I said to myself at the end of my last thrifting trip. Am I the only one who has ever thought about how nice their items look side by side in their cart as they excitedly head to the register? Well, I totally nerded out this time ... but can you blame me? Blue, white and gold ... yum!

Wire Basket
I love me some wire baskets for my crazy obsessive organizational needs. ;)

Brass Deer
These have already won a spot in my little guys heart. He has lovingly named them (both) Bambi and occasionally tries to feed them scraps of paper. As for me they are just further proof that I love gold.

Table Runner
I was super excited to use this beauty and immediately threw it in the wash when I got home. I'm wild about the colors and pattern ... my husband might need a little more convincing. "Are we starting to decorate western now?" Giggles. :)

I grew up listing to my dad's Moody Blues CD's and watching their concerts with him on PBS. $0.25 ... yes please!

What treasures have you brought home lately?

{images: Little Paper Dog}


Marium said...

I love those little deer more than words can say!!!! Great finds all around. Glad I found you and looking forward to checking out the rest. www.decoratevintage.blogspot.com

Little Paper Dog said...

Thanks Marium! They are one of my favorite finds for sure. :)