October 12, 2012

cardboard car wash tutorial

*This post was featured on Apartment Therapy. Hooray!

My little guy loves to create and explore. I'm constantly trying to find ways to keep my busy guy ... busy. Every Friday I'll be sharing projects or activities that we did during the week.

KID FRIENDLY FRIDAY: Cardboard Car Wash Tutorial

My little guy got super excited when he saw this and this car wash on my Fun For Kids Pinterest board. We decided to make our own by combining the two ideas together for a double sided car wash.

To make this project you will need:

• Cereal box
• decorative tape
• fabric
• wooden skewers (I did not have any on hand so I used yarn instead)
• hot glue
• scissors
• markers
• 2 paper towel rolls


1) Carefully take apart your box and turn it inside out so that you have a nice plain surface to decorate.

2) Cut out rectangular holes (entrance and exit) big enough for your cars to fit through on either side with scissor or an x-acto knife.

3) ENTRANCE: Cut out a piece of fabric that is about 1inch taller and wider than the entrance hole you just cut in your box. Make fringe by cutting fabric into strips stopping before you get to the top. Hot glue along the top and attach to the inside of the box.

4) BACK: The exit hole I cut into my box is a little taller than toilet paper rolls so I used 2 paper towel rolls and cut them down to the size I needed. Cut long strips of fabric into fringe and wrap around the tubes securing top edge with hot glue. Thread yarn or skewers through the tubes and hot glue the ends to the back entrance opening.

5) Decorate box with decorative tape or other embellishments. (I found my polka dot tape at Michale's a while back in their dollar section.)

6) Use markers and pieces of the leftover cardboard box (from cutting the exit and entrance) to make signs.

That's it ... easy peasy!

 {images: Little Paper Dog}

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Judi Fox said...

Thanks for posting this. Your car wash was the inspiration for my recent cardboard creation for my son who is turning 2 this week. I linked to your post as my inspiration. :) Thanks! Judi http://judifoxblog.blogspot.com/2014/02/cardboard-toy-car-wash-atm-gas-station.html