November 30, 2010

tis the season

What? December 1st is tomorrow? Eeek ... guess I better start shopping.

{printable gift tags, grandpas ornaments: Little Paper Dog}

{printable gift tags, peppermint & gumdrops: Little Paper Dog}

November 29, 2010

i love a good deal

Hooray for cyber Monday! I love saving money. Cha-ching ;)

Starting today I'm once again offering 3 PDF printables for $10 in my shop.

{more 3 for $10 choices in my shop and even more
new printables coming soon!}


November 20, 2010

shoes fit for a queen

Warning: This is another post about my love for shoes.

I adore this set of prints featuring Marie Antionette inspired shoes by talented Etsy seller Emma Tina. Just think of all the bucket loads of gorgeous shoes she probably had stashed away in her royal closet ... sigh.

{Marie Antionette's Fancy: Emma Tina}

November 11, 2010

lace and stripes

Since it's way too cold outside, hot soup is on the menu tonight.

As promised ... I added more recipe cards to my shop today :)

{printable recipe cards & matching gift tags—Lace: Little Paper Dog}

November 9, 2010

simply hue

I flip for Vicki's soft photographic style and yummy color palette. Be sure to stop by her fantastic Etsy shop for lots more mouthwatering images.

I'm busy editing more product photos for my shop. Up next ... more recipe cards. Yippee!

{images: Simply Hue Designs}

November 5, 2010

blue and yellow scallops

Meet the newest printable now available in my shop. This new card comes with matching envelopes, bands and tags so you can dress them up extra fancy.

{printable Blank Inside Card & Matching Gift Tags—Scallop: Little Paper Dog}

Check out the happy surprise inside the envelope. I love polka dots and will come up with any excuse to use them :)

November 4, 2010

library love

If you're like me ... and almost everyone else in the blogosphere, you are completely smitten with wooden library card catalogs. What? You love them too? Fantastic! This post is just for you :)

{top left: Letterpress Printed Library Card & Pocket, Ilfant Press}
{bottom left: Brass Duck Bookends, Vintage Melody}
{right: Keep Calm And Read On, Keep Calm Shop}

{left: Library Style Storage: Target}
{right: Beginning Science, Narwhal In His Cup Of Sea}

{left: Globe , Blue Bell Bazaar}
{top right: Library Ladies—open edition print, Janet Hill Studio}
{bottom left: Library Table Reading Lamp, Daily Memorandum}

November 3, 2010

kitchen glamor

My dishwasher broke and our new one is on back-order. Blah! Looks like I'm stuck cleaning them by hand for a little while. Too bad I don't own some of these pretty things to make my dish washing days a lot more enjoyable.

{left: via}
{right: Tea-And-Crumpets Apron, Anthropologie}

{left: Frozen Globes Necklace, Anthropologie}
{right: Summer Tea Towel, Claudia Pearson Illustration}

How about adding a touch of glamor? I don't think a string of pearls fits my personal style but this chunky necklace from Anthropologie sure would do the trick.

{left: Gloveables Gloves—Citrus Orange Lace, Girly Aprons}
{right: Monogrammable Great White Dinnerware, Pottery Barn}

November 2, 2010

yellow and green polka dots

I just added some brand new recipe cards to the shop. Hazaa!

{printable recipe cards & matching gift tags—Dots: Little Paper Dog}

I have lots more photos to edit but I feel like my shop is finally starting to come together. Slow but steady wins the race ... right?

November 1, 2010

twinkle toes

Look what jumped into my shopping cart this weekend :)

These sweet little shoes are on sale at my local Target (not online). I've had my eye on them for about a month just waiting for the price to go a little lower. I'd say $4 is quite a steal don't you?