October 28, 2010

chevron zigzags and bows

The sunlight wasn't half bad yesterday so I was able to photograph lots of cards and recipe cards for the shop. I added these two new items last night.

{printable recipe cards & Matching Gift Tags—Chevron: Little Paper Dog}

{printable Blank Inside Card & Matching Gift Tags—Bows: Little Paper Dog}

Bonus: Now all my printable designs come with matching bands and gift tags so you can print and give them to friends lickity split :)

decor8 2011 calendar round-up

Be sure to stop by decor8 today and check out Holly's annual calendar round-up. Talk about an amazing collection!

{2011 Calendar Round-Up: decor8}
I have been following her inspiring blog for years and am so thrilled that she chose to feature my pocket calendars alongside such talented indie artists.

I've been smiling all day today :)

October 26, 2010

crazy for pantone

Hey fellow design geeks out there! Feast your eyes upon everything Pantone :)

1. Pantone Mugs: Gram & Green
2. Pantone Storage Bins: Delight.com

1. Pantone Folding Chairs: Heliotrope
2. Pantone Ruled Notebooks: Heal's
3. Pantone Bike Red 186C: Heal's

October 25, 2010

its been a while

So you may have wondered why I've been neglecting to update my shop. Let's admit it ... its been looking pretty skimpy lately. Well, believe it or not I have been hard at work redesigning my entire line of paper goods. Everything is getting a makeover—from brighter color palettes and bolder patterns to photography style and items available. You may have even noticed this past week that my blog has gotten a makeover too :)

{Printable Pocket Calendars & Matching Gift Tags: Scallop & Flower}
So ... the good news is that over the weekend I listed 2 new calendars in the shop. Hooray! The not so good news is I still have a ways to go. I am busily photographing new products (when time allows ... aka if my two year old does not skip his nap again ... grrr) and when I am able to get good natural light (blast this cloudy fall weather.)

{Printable Pocket Calendars & Matching Gift Tags: Scallop & Flower}

Well, I've gotta run ... lots of cards and recipe cards to photograph :)

October 15, 2010

keep calm gallery

Oh, typography ... how I love you so. Especially when you spell out something clever just to amuse me.

These are just a few of my favorite posters from Keep Calm Gallery.

{images: Keep Calm Gallery}

October 11, 2010