July 23, 2010

I heart: Granny Chich

Lately I've been occasionally ... OK, quite obsessively ... sending my mom links to all sorts of wonderful crochet goodness.

Today it dawned on me ... I had not shared any with you. Shame on me! Let me make it up to you with these positively lovely links:

Sandra Juto
Dottie Angel
Emma Lamb

{FREE crochet pattern: zigzagstitch}

July 8, 2010

I love you & you & you & you

Ampersand ... I'm so wild about you!

{Ampersand: Gemma Correll}
{You and Me: Blacklist Studio}

{Land of Ampersand: The Wheatfield}

{ampersand hook I found at Hobby Lobby. I'm using it to hang up my ironing board }