June 30, 2010

4 more left!

Just popping in quick today. I wanted to let you know that there are only 4 more orange Home Sweet Home gocco prints left in the shop!

{Home Sweet Home gocco print: Little Paper Dog}

Hope you are having a wonderful day :)

*UPDATE: Sold out. Thanks!*

June 28, 2010

overdue love & attention

It seems like my master bathroom and bedroom are always the last places to receive attention ... perhaps because it's the part of my house that not many people see. Anyhow, I want to give this area a little more love so I picked up these hooks from Hobby Lobby for an amazing steal. They make me giggle because my husband is always accusing me of stealing his towel. Not anymore :)

{his & hers hooks: Hobby Lobby}
I have also been on the hunt for the perfect (yet affordable) rug for my bathroom that would add color and pattern into a space that previously had none. I finally found it at TJMaxx. Hazaa!

{rug: TJMaxx}
Now if only I could convince my hubby that a chandelier something like this over the tub would add a perfect touch :)

June 25, 2010

etsy love: life through the lens

Check out this lovely new shop I stumbled upon via Lolalina. I'm crazy about Kristi's work ... and its not just because she's from my home state. I promise :)

{love of books: life through the lens}

{xoxo: life through the lens}

{create: life through the lens}

June 23, 2010

only one more left!

** Update 6/26/10: I am now sold out. Thanks :)
That's right ... I only have one more pink Home Sweet Home gocco print left in the shop!

{Home Sweet Home gocco print: Little Paper D0g}

I still have a few orange ones available but even those are running low.

Although these prints are listed as open edition, the pink color was mixed by hand. Lets just say it was a bit of a pain and I'm not planning on that again. Blah!

Ready, set, shop ;)

* UPDATE: It's sold. Thanks!!!*

June 15, 2010

my new old rotary dial phone ...

What a fantastic shade of green!

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to replace the original phone number with my own. Hmmm ... another excuse to get out my old typewriter :)