March 31, 2010

flickr faves

Dear Summer-
I wish you'd hurry up and get here already. It's snowing ... AGAIN ... outside and I'm tired of wearing my coat all the time.


To cheer myself up I've been looking back at some of my flicker faves.

1. Somethings Hiding In Here
2. 70s Boys Quilt: Leslie Keating
3. This Is A Town: doe-c-doe

1. Love Is: Creature Comforts
2. Going To Montana: Katie Daisy
3. I'd Rather Be Thrifting: Ashley G
4. Single Kitty Egg Wrapping: Kitty Baby Love

March 17, 2010

target: liberty of london

Have you checked out Liberty of London at Target yet? Talk about gorgeous patterns! I'm planning on stopping by today to see it in person ... that is, if my local store is not completely sold out.


March 11, 2010

home sweet home

My little sis is bringing her new baby home from the hospital today. Hooray! Today's post features homes both big and small ... and keys for the front door :)

{1. Primitive Birdhouses Country Cottage: Door Country Woodworks}
{2. Cuckoo Clock—Lime: Decoylab}

{1. Found Objects—Keys: Still Life with Wallpaper}
{2. No Place Like Home:
Spread the Love}

March 1, 2010

iPod bling

Cleaning the bathroom is ... um, boring. Right?

Not if I also listen to sweet tunes and pretend to be in my own iPod commercial at the same time. Yes ... I really am 28 years old :)

So ... this brings me to today's topic ...

1. Wool Felt & Leather: Byrd & Belle
2. Felt Bird:
Suezybees Designs

1. Strawberry Pop Tart: The Curious Pug
2. Etch a Sketch: Yummy Pocket
3. 80's Retro Cassette: L´Atelier de Luluu
4. Gameboy: Yummy Pocket

1. Spring Apple Michael Miller: Dotty Jane
2. Chartreuse Snuggie: Because, Maybe.

1. Sly Smiling Case or Useless Finger Puppet: Spider Camp
2. Blue Monster: Yummy Pocket
3. Brown Monster: Szeya Designs