February 25, 2010

an apple a day ...

... well, you know the rest :)

{Vintage Plastic Apples: Spacejams Vintage}

{Little Brass Apple Vintage Tray: Green Hearts}

{Vintage Apple Mug: Jess James Jake}

{Vintage 1913 Color Print: Vintage Warehouse}

{Vintage Apple Jar: The Baker's Daughter Too}

February 19, 2010

i love me some letterpress

When I think of letterpress my mouth immediately starts to water. Can you blame me? These two prints below are even more lovely in person! Believe me ... because I, um ... purchased them both :)

{left} Amidst Routes Letterpress Print: Pearl Marmalade
{right} L is for Love Letterpress Greeting Card:

Love Candles in light blue: Bee & Bird Candles

The other day I came across Bee & Bird Candles, a brand new shop on Etsy that uses molds of vintage letterpress blocks to create these lovely candles. Brilliant!

February 16, 2010

today I'm wearing ...

... stripes!

{I'm so loving this color green right now!}

Below are some other lovely striped things I stumbled upon on Etsy.

1. Black & White Striped Frame Clutch: Ruffled
2. Black & White Stripes Cotton Pillow Cover: Be Still
3. Tianon Striped Bow: Hopelessly Devoted
4. Black & White Denim Handbag: Crazy Boy
You can check out some of my other outfits by clicking here ... or you can take a peek at my beloved shoe children ;)

February 11, 2010

polka dot packing tape

Score! I found some fabulous red and green polka dot packing tape in Michael's dollar section. I've already started using them on my Etsy packages. They make each order look so cheerful :)

Like many of you, I'm also head over heels for Japanese masking tape like these rolls found at Love Petit Zakka Japan.

{Love Petit Zakka Japan}

So Gorgeous! They make me want to rip things just so I can tape them back together again ;)

February 8, 2010

Etsy Seller: Snygg

I stumbled upon the most FANTASTIC shop last night! I absolutely adore every single item from this store so I'm giddy just telling you about it. Inga, owner of Snygg, uses fabric from items such as old curtains, tablecloths or vintage clothing to create amazing aprons, bags and other lovelies. Check out just a few of my favorites below.

{grid pattern, full apron: Snygg}
Ummm ... I promise without a doubt that I would cook way more often if only I was lucky enough to prance around the kitchen while wearing this sweet apron :)

{not drab, shoulder bag: Snygg}
Just thinking about how I could totally fit all my stuff in this bag gets me way too excited :)

{peppy yellow, oven mitt: Snygg}
Now this is simply a mandatory safety item. Honestly, the fact that they are pretty is just an added bonus ;)

February 5, 2010

under the weather

My little guy has a VERY nasty cold and we've been going though a lot of tissues this week. So what do you suppose came to mind when I sat down to blog? Tissues! Well, to try and make this topic a bit more glamorous I decided that vintage handkerchiefs would be a perfect option :)

1. Backstash & Bygones
2. Mossweed3. Cupcake Studio
4. Lulu's Emporium

Look! Without even thinking about it I included one with bows on it. Gosh, I really am a sucker for bows lately :)