January 27, 2010

someone please buy this!

I love bows! These vintage candle sconces have been marked as one of my Etsy faves for quite some time now.

{Vintage Tie Me Up Red Candle Sconces: Greenhearts}

This listing is going to expire soon so snatch them up quick ... and then send them to me. Just kidding ... maybe ;)

January 23, 2010

valentine printables

As promised, let me introduce you to two new items in my shop. I must say, I'm pretty impressed that I actually got them all ready before Valentines Day was here and gone :)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. PDF pritables are fantastic because they are inexpensive, you can print them over and over and they are environmentally friendly since there is no shipping. No shipping ... yep, even more money for you to keep jingling around in your pocket!

Just my two cents ;)

January 22, 2010

say cheese

While my little guy is taking his afternoon nap I have been busy photographing two new printables for the shop.

{printable notes / mini book: Little Paper Dog}

I'll give you a hint :) One is a new gift tag set and the other is mini bunting just in time for Valentines day. Hooray!

Check back soon to see for yourself.

January 13, 2010

i refuse to buy an ugly laptop bag

Who says a laptop bag has to be black and boring? Not me! I was determined to find a case that I loved for my brand new little Lucy. That's right, I named my laptop ... please don't judge me ;)

I found a lot of beauties along my quest for the perfect bag and thought you might want to take a peek.

FYI: #3 is a FREE tutorial! If you are into the DIY idea you may want to check out this one I found on Ars Technica as well.

As you can see I went with the Red Check Messenger Bag from Target. It's even cuter in person and has a surprising amount of storage space for such a slim bag. I also ordered the Mango Tango Messenger Bag so I could decided between the two in person. I'm madly in love with this one as well but it's a pretty tight fit for my 15" Mac Book Pro. I drove my husband crazy while I tried to decide between them. Actually ... that part was kind of fun. (Insert devious laugh here.)

January 11, 2010

new blue shoes

I've been waiting for these beauties to go on sale. Yep, $13 at my local Target store!

Oh, how I love the stitching pleats and mini buckle. An added bonus is that I get to rest my toes on these sweet little flowers :)

{Teal Mossimo Supply Co. Ozella Flats: Target}
Skip on over to my Flickr account to meet more of my shoe children. And just in case you were wondering the orange striped rug is from Ross.