November 29, 2009

utah thanksgiving = jell-o

My family always includes some type of jell-o salad as part of the Thanksgiving meal. If you don’t know by now, it’s a pretty popular item where I live. In fact in 2001 it became the official state snack.

To give you a glimpse of my holiday weekend … here are some retro jell-o molds. Yippee! Did I mention my mom has her own complete set of every style included in the post :)

I loved stacking these things as a kid. I would arrange them in different patterns and sort my Light Bright’s plastic colored pegs in them.

November 17, 2009

perfect gifts for nerds

Hey nerd (a.k.a. dad)
I came across these while surfing the web and thought of you ... ya know, because you own more than one soldering iron and enjoy reading books filled with confusing charts and graphs ;)

Love ya,

{Know It All No. 2 Pencil Set: Paper Pastries}

{Good Chemistry Salt & Pepper Shakers: Elsewares}

{SIP Circut Board Cufflinks: Digi Bling}

November 13, 2009

Love ya: lovely necklaces

1. Grandpa's Pocket Watch Necklace: Urban Outfitters
2. Double Personalized Initial Necklace: Wiyomu
3. Scattered Seeds Necklace: Anthropologie
4. Circa 78 Wildflower Necklace: Urban Outfitters

November 8, 2009

printable mini bunting

Something new is in my shop! This buntings sweet little pennants can be personalized with your own handwritten message. See my shop for the juicy details.

{printable mini bunting — star gazer in green}


November 2, 2009

PDF holiday gift tags

Gosh, I love me some pretty packaging:)
Fancy printable holiday gift tags are now available in the shop.

{printable gift tags — Grandpas Ornaments}

{printable gift tags — Grandpas Ornaments}

{printable gift tags — Peppermint & Gumdrops}

{printable gift tags — Peppermint & Gumdrops}