September 25, 2009

treasure store

As promised, here are pix of my loot from the last time I went thrifting :)

{charming jewelry box covered in stars}

This girl has one that's almost identical (different interior) so I must have excellent taste. To see what this little beauty looks like on the inside check out my flickr here and here.

{stylin' metal storage — I love me some fake woodgrain}

Excellent condition minus the small white scuff that refuses to come off. The key was even taped to the inside. Score!

September 23, 2009

currently crushing on ...

... colorful tights! Not to mention every piece of clothing available at Kate Spade and Dainty June.

{images from kate Spade and Dainty June}

September 22, 2009

i heart vintage

Is anyone else totally smitten with this dresser besides me?

{image from Better Homes & Gardens October 2009}

It brings to mind so many other vintage finds that I heart such as library card catalogs, labels, lamps and botanical prints.

Stop by later this week to check out my brand new old finds I just picked up at the treasure (um ... I mean thrift) store. I'm positive that even Miss Emily would be proud of at least one of my new finds ;)

September 17, 2009

new for 2010

As I mentioned earlier, I have been working on a printable PDF calendar. Well, as of this morning it is now available in my Etsy shop. Hazaa!

{Printable PDF Calendar — forget-me-not bows by Little Paper Dog}

It features 12 different forget-me-not bows ... one for each month ... but you probably already guessed that :)

Like many of my other printables you don't need to worry about gift wrap because decorative bands and gift tags are included. Bonus!

Stop by my shop to see all 12 months of wonderful bow lovin' goodness.

September 15, 2009

red velvet

While my little guy was taking his afternoon nap (now down to just one nap a day ... blast!) I whipped up this new fandangled headband.

Just a little bit of velvet ribbon, hot glue and an inexpensive plastic headband. Ta da!

September 3, 2009


... sorry about the cheesy title ;)
Curious about what I'm working on right now for my shop? Lucky you! Here is a sneak peek:

These little bows are going to grace the pages of a printable calendar! Check back soon ... it's almost finished :)