March 26, 2009

kiddie records weekly

I loved listening to records as a kid. I remember curiously studying each illustration in the accompanying book while I excitedly waited for the chime to turn the page ... and then later acting out the stories with my sisters as my mother ironed. Thanks to this lovely lady I heard about Kiddie Records Weekly a site where you can listen to classics from the good old days. So thumb through all of the wonderful album covers and then download you favorites ... for free!!!

(1. Bubble and Squeak, 2. Aesop's Fables)

(3. The Lone Ranger, 4. Magesto the Magician)

(5. Grumpy Shark, 6. Adventures in Music Melody)

(all images from Kiddie Records Weekly)

March 24, 2009

branches bench

While I'm not very fond of that pillow I sort of have a crush on this bench.


March 17, 2009

searching for the perfect kitchen timer

My kitchen timer officially died last night. Sniff sniff. I'm actually surprised this sad day did not come a lot sooner—I'm a clumsy cook and it has faced quite the number of horrible mishaps. Anyways ... I'm in the market for a new one and I want it to have some style.

I've separated my finds into 3 categories: retro, fun and food.

1. Vintage Magnetic Kitchen Timer—Wrapables
2. Red 60-Minute Timer—Crate and Barrel
3. Martha Stewart Collection Old Fashioned Timer—Macys
4. Bengt Ek Double Kitchen Timer—

I love number one but its a magnetic timer and my fridge is stainless steal (not magnetic)—I'll probably end up with number two or three.

1. Whimsical Telephone Kitchen Timer—de Cuisine
2. Robot Kitchen Timer—Pylones
3. Green Ladybug Time Out Kitchen Timer—

1. Perfect Pair Kitchen Timer—A Little Favor
2. Ice Cream Kitchen Timer—
3. Tomato Kitchen Timer—Current

March 16, 2009

in my mail box: the land of nod catalog

I've been on the hunt for new ideas to freshen up my sons bedroom. This looks great hung above his crib but I thought I would order a free copy of The Land of Nod catalog for additional inspiration.

Lots of charming ideas were packed into that little saddle stitched booklet. Below are some of my faves.

To start things off check out this super cute playroom! I love how the childrens artwork is displayed on the wall—This idea will be incorporated into my little guys room one way or another. After all ... you should know by now that I am deeply in love with garlands.

(detail of the super cute artwork display)
(another charming garland idea that would be easy peasy to make)

From the space posters on the wall to the robot sheets on the bed this room reminds me of my father who I lovingly refer to as nerd. I bet he would have gone crazy for this room as a kid. Dad, did you have a tin foil solar system over your bed too?

I had to include this play kitchen for my little sis because it looks like one she would go crazy over. That chalkboard fridge is fabulous!

Lovely bed frame and great color pallet.

Matching bookshelf ... ohh la la!

I could not go without mentioning this very popular storage trend. I love tidy colorful suitcases.

And finally a room that would be great for a slightly older audience. My favorite part about this room is the artwork over the bed. Hooray for inspiration boards!

If you want to order a copy of this catalog for your very own or simply view it online click here.

(all images by The Land of Nod)

March 12, 2009

pimped out pillows

Sigh ... I'm drooling over these pillows from Urban Outfitters. I would really like to try my hand at making my own (simplified) version of that lovely orange one. Anyone know of a good online tutorial?

1. Velvet Pouf Pillow —available in orange, teal, purple, red, olive green and blue!!!
2. Mon Coussin Letters Pillow

Also ... Cutiepie company featured my orange home sweet home print in this sweet treasury today. Thanks!!!

(Candy Land—Etsy Treasury curated by Cutiepie Company)

1. Time to go travel journal—I like pens
2. River by Holli
3. Don't be a dippy, lick a whippy by Sally Illustration
4. Pinecone Girl by Kate Pugsley
5. I'm no good at titling ....... by Rainbow Wrangler
6. Happy Home by Ulaa's Bazaar
7. Whirlpool by Lany Devening
8. Your Neck of the Woods by Studio Fuller
9. Home Sweet Home Sampler by Little Paper Dog
10. Washing Day by Schmooks
11. Ice Cream Cluster by A Beautiful Party
12. Happy Birthday to Sue by Paperday Studio

This reminds me ... my Home Sweet Home print was featured on Apartment Therapy back in December! I apologize for sharing this exciting information a bit late with you. Ok, REALLY late. Better late than never. :)

(Oh my heck!)

March 9, 2009

unexpected mail

Hey little sis-
Thanks so much for the package you sent. He squeals with laughter whenever I stick the puppet over his chunky fingers.

(finger puppet from Old Navy)

What's his favorite thing to do with this fuzzy new toy?
Step 1: While I hold him he drops the puppet onto the floor.
Step 2: I hold him upside down and he reaches out his hands to pick it off the floor.
Step 3: I turn him right side up again as he proudly shows me the puppet.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 over and over again until it is nap time.

I'm such a sucker—I'll do anything to make that kid happy.

This and several other finger puppets are currently on clearance at Old Navy so if you are interested in adopting one you better hurry hurry hurry.

March 5, 2009

does cooking tickle your fancy?

Just added to the shop: printable recipe cards, shopping lists and tags/labels.

(Food Fetish Kit by little Paper Dog)

(Labels that will make your canned goods look just peachy!)


March 4, 2009

printable thank you cards

I have lots of new printables in the works right now—one of which I just added to my shop today.

(Thank You Cards—Pinstripes by Little Paper Dog)

And if you love food be sure to check back tomorrow. I have a feeling you may like the printable I'm adding to my shop next.

March 3, 2009

i made this: drawstring bag

My niece is celebrating her birthday next week. She is learning how to write so I decided to give her some cute supplies so she can practice in style.

Notice the very fashionable pencil bag? I liked the tutorial from my last post so much that I decided to try it out for myself.