January 30, 2009

handwritten notes

I added more printables to my shop this week: fancy schmancy stationery for all those times when a text message just doesn't cut it.

(Printable Stationery Set — Tatting)
(available in purple and yellow)

I'm designing more great printables and a gocco print as well so stay tuned. :)

January 29, 2009

one day by the ocean ...

... is the title of this comforting Etsy treasury curated by JooJoo. After seeing this collection I thought "stop and take a deep calm breath .... aahhh."

1. Little Poppy bowl by Prince Design UK
2. Pretty Cloud Brooch by Kup Kup Land
3. Clouds of Cool Sweater Dress by rubypearl
4. Lavenlight—photograph by Alicia Bock
5. Long Ears Cat Spirit by almapottery
6. Spurt—print by Yellena
7. Sprouts—hand felted brooch by Keri Rounding
8. Turquoise and Vintage Brass Bracelet by Red Chair
9. Cowgirl Winter Necklace by Kathi Roussel
10. Natural Coral Ring by Jealousy Jewelry & Design
11. Eggshell Corset Shoes by jessjamesjake
12. Ethnic Ring by Alona Lahav Handmade Design

January 26, 2009

love notes

I'm sorry my posts have been a bit spotty lately. I usually blog while my son is napping but with valentines so close I decided to use that time to finish a project and get it out the door before it was too late.

So let me introduce you to the latest creation now in my shop...

(Printable Valentine Notes & Mini Book—Love)

... some sweet little printable love notes for that special someone.

This is my favorite part. There is something very tricky about these notes. They can also be folded to create a little book. Surprise!

I am so excited about this little booklet idea that I am working on some other different designs as we speak. :)

January 23, 2009


I love this little chrysanthemum ring. Don't you think it would be a perfect valentines gift? It is of course a flower ... and better yet it wont die a week later.

(Mist Grey Chrysanthemum ring by Ben and Oliver)

I am sure that any stay at home mom living it Utah would be thrilled if her sweetheart gave it to her on such a special day. Wink wink, nudge nudge. :)

January 14, 2009

paper circus

I'm just popping in really quick to show this great find from Under The Stairs Studios. I'm head over heels with Kat's sweet illustrations. By the way ... it actually spins too!

(Paper Circus with Dancing Hares by Under The Stairs Studios)

January 13, 2009

rollerskating monster party

We celebrated my sons first birthday last weekend. Wow! Time is speeding by.

(rollerskating monster invite—outside)

Monsters was the original theme which later morphed into rollerskating monsters. Why? Well, what could be more silly than watching a 5-legged monster trying to balance on a bunch of tiny spinning wheels?

(rollerskating monster invite—inside)

(ready and waiting for the cake and ice cream)

Just in case anyone forgot why they were at our house a "happy birthday" banner was up to state the obvious and remind them.

we made Shrinky Dink necklaces to keep all the kids entertained. I did these all the time when I was little. Totally rad!

If you would like to have your very own official rollerskating monster party here are some free downloads for you to snatch up.

monster invite — print onto any light colored paper

birthday banner — print and start cutting ... an x-acto knife is very handy

monster necklaces— these could also be used for cupcake toppers or whatever tickles your fancy.


(all downloads are for personal use only)

January 9, 2009

mail from singapore

I'm busy getting everything ready for my sons 1st birthday party this weekend ... oh, what a hectic Friday (insert deep stressful breath here). So when a very nice postal worker delivered this little package right to my door (I had to sign for it) my stress dissolved ... at least for a good 20 minutes. :)

(What amazing packaging!)
I ordered this sweet aqua cameo necklace from NanChel. The earrings were a free gift. Bonus!

(2 other necklaces I am crushing on by NanChel)

January 7, 2009

vintage enameled flowers

I’m totally smitten with this purple flower … so smitten that I decided to buy it.

Yep, this hair pin designed by Glamorous Girl Accessories and made from vintage enameled flowers showed up in my mailbox yesterday. I actually squealed with glee after opening the package because it looks even more gorgeous in person.

(flower hair pins by Glamorous Girl Accessories)

Above are some of my favorites from her shop. Lovely lovely lovely!

January 5, 2009

oh, how i’ve missed you …

… my blog friends! I’ve been swamped this past week here at home but have occasionally checked in to see what’s happening online … sadly not very much … sniff sniff. Talk about going through withdrawals! Ez and Nicole however managed to keep me entertained. Thanks ladies! Now that 2009 is finally here it’s great to have Emily back as well. I was so curious to find out what she would wear next. :)

To kick off this new year I though I would highlight two of my favorite toy desingers: Katie of Matsutake and Amber of Woodmouse.

These have got to be some of the sweetest little pull toys I have ever seen. I'm truly in love with all of Matsutake's wonderful patterns and colors and quite honestly cannot pick my favorite toy out of the bunch.

If you are feeling extra ambitious you can try making one of these little critters on your own. Just recently Katie was featured on the Martha Stewart show where she graciously shared her secrets to creating these friendly creatures.

Next up is Woodmouse. Each of Ambers toys looks as though it is a 3-D illustration. This girl has an AMAZING collection of unique designs. Admit it ... no one can resist an adorable friendly robot.

To view Amber's handmade portrait video in which she discusses her inspiration, design process and other cool tidbits click here.