December 18, 2008

i made this: number banner

After sharing this current obsession of mine I decided to make one for my sons room. He is soon to turn 1 so I thought adding the numbers 1-10 to the flags would be a nice touch … which will no doubt help him learn to count at an alarming rate. :)

(Ta da! Here is the finished product. A big thanks is in order for my mom who let me raid here fabric collection … once again. ☺)

Want to make one yourself? You are in luck. Keep reading for some easy peasy instructions.

For my numbers I used Showguide from dafont but you can use whatever font tickles you fancy. If you like how mine turned out simply download this printable template and follow the instructions below. Happy crafting!

Flag instructions
1. Print triangle flag and number templates onto 8.5 x 11-inch paper and cut out.
2. Place number templates onto fabric and cut out numbers 1-10.
3. Place flag template onto fabric and cut out 20 flags. (2 sides per flag)
4. To make the front side of the flags pin and sew fabric numbers onto 10 fabric flags.
5. To make the backs of the flags pin and sew fabric flags to the back of the finished front flags. Repeat for all flags.
6. Use pinking shears to cut along the two long sides of each flag.
7. Line up flags in number order. Pin and sew bias tape along top with a zigzag stitch.



Kerri said...

i made the cutest banner for my sister in laws shower using your tutorial! thanks so much for sharing! :)

Little Paper Dog said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you liked it.

Kelly O. said...

I found this tute from Kerri!
Thanks for taking the time to type it out! SOOOO helpful!

Crystelle said...

The number banner is so cute. I've been thinking about making a banner, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Sigh....
Life gets so busy!
I wish it would slow down..

jackie kersh said...

super cute!

Patrycja CHESHIRE said...

Thanks for the free download.I love it :)