October 13, 2008

Pincushion Jar Tutorial

 I was in desperate need of a (cute) pincushion so my little sis came over to my place last week and joined in on the fun. This project is super simple and is a great solution for organizing loose sewing supplies as well.

(Oh la la!)

Supplies you will need:

• Mason jar (complete with ring and lid sealer)
• Fabric
• Cardboard
• Batting
• Glue Gun
• Scissors
• Pen

Step 1:• Trace lid sealer onto cardboard and cut out.
• Cut a circle out of fabric that is approximately 1" in diameter larger than the lid sealer. Don't worry about it being perfect because your edges will soon be tucked away and out of site.

 Step 2:
• Form batting into a ball and place between fabric and cardboard circles. Push through bottom of ring until fabric and batting pop through the top and cardboard hits the rim.

Step 3:
• Fold edges of fabric around the cardboard and tightly glue into place. If it's too bulky the lid will not screw onto the jar. I learned this the hard way. Thanks again sis for bailing me out ;) 

Step 4:
• Line inside rim and center of cardboard with glue. Push Sealer through rim and hold firmly until glue is set.

Step 5:• Stick pins into cushion, screw lid onto jar and fill with all types of sewing goodness.


Anna said...

I love this idea!

Meg said...

I love this project!

In fact I love it so much I highlighted your blog and this post on my Friday Find section. Hope that's ok - I just had to share the idea with others.


Little Paper Dog said...

Very sweet. Thanks Meg :)

Carrie said...

Love this idea. Im going to make them for christmas presents this year. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Mizerak said...

Very cute idea!

Ryan said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Metanoia said...

Does the jar come with the hole in the lid? Or how do you cut it? I haven't seen a jar with a premade hole like that in Australia

Little Paper Dog said...

There are two parts to the lid. You can visit this link for more information:

Michelle said...

I just found your tutorial. I love it! Thanks!

Crystelle said...

Oh, my goodness! This is such a great idea! Then you won't loose your pincushion either (I am always hunting mine down.) and your supplies are always close. How did you think of it? It's fabulous. I need one!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! Thanks so much!!!

LADYSD said...

I loooove this idea as well! I have the problem of my jar not closing :( Could you please bail me out?

CherishedHearts Vintage said...

Thank you for the tutorial. I've been wondering how to make these.

Thea said...

HI! Just found this neat and practical idea on your site. Thanks :) Think I will link to your site from my blog.


HongKongChick said...

that's really cute and a great idea! i created a jar pincushion too, but a little different than urs, if u have time, check it out at http://hkchic.blogspot.com/

posh girl friday said...

What a fantastic idea!

Sherwood's Forest said...

Love this idea! I am going to make one for all my sewing friends. I think that I will put tarnish cloth underneath the top material. It will be a great way to use up my spotted lids, I'll just paint them to match what ever fabric I use. They are also small enough to not take up a lot of table space. Thank-you, thank-you.

LiseBU said...

Love it - have made one for my mum for christmas. Just got to fill it with neeedles, thread and some funky chunky buttons.

animal pillow said...

So cute! I really apprecaite it.