October 1, 2008

4 AM Etsy Treasury

My wonderful son decided to not go back to bed after waking up at 4:00 this morning ... blah. So while rocking him ... trying to convince him that sleep is a good thing ... I hopped onto Etsy's homepage and voila I saw this beautiful treasury.

(Etsy Treasury by Shaving Kit)

1. Evergreen Tree Rubber Stamp by The Mayberry Sparrow.
2. Tissue Paper Flowers - Set of 4 Repurposed Sewing Patterns by Copabananas.
3. Mechanical Bee Necklace by Dulcet.
4. Double Punch Print by Doubleparlour.
5. Fall Bird Ornament by Brezomayo Designs.
6. Delphine by Art & Ghosts.
7. Squirrel in Modern Forest - Small Pouch by Simbiosis.
8. Soft Grass Scarf/Neckbow by Phydeaux Designs.
9. French Pet Lobster Shirt by Xenotees.
10. A Classified Selection Print by Marmee Craft.
11. World of Flowers Original Mixed Media in Light Periwinkle by The Drawing Room.
12. Love Birds in the Garden by Middleburg Folk Art Studio.


claire said...

wonderful surprise! i loved this beautiful list!

shaving kit said...

I'm glad you liked it ;) I remember those 4 AM wake-up days, and I actually envy you. I loved them!

Lani Robertson said...

wow...what a wonderful find at 4 am! a good way to start your day...even if it was earlier than you might have liked! :0

Monicaj said...

Aw, what a nice surprise and an honor to be included in your bog Michelle. Thank you! The treasury by shavingkit is one of the prettiest I've seen. :o)